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New This Week Archive 2168

Guideline Syntheses

  • NGC:000122
  • 2013 Jan

Screening, Diagnosis and Management of Chlamydial Infection Update: includes revised recommendations from CDC.

Guideline Summaries

American Association of Neuroscience Nurses Get Alerts

  • NGC:008691

Care of the patient undergoing intracranial pressure monitoring/external ventricular drainage or lumbar drainage.

  • NGC:008695

Care of the patient with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. This updates a previously published guideline summary.

  • NGC:008690

Care of the patient with mild traumatic brain injury.

  • NGC:008696

Care of the patient with seizures. Second edition. This updates a previously published guideline summary.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Get Alerts

  • NGC:008680

Best evidence statement (BESt). Clinical utility of neurally adjusted ventilatory assist (NAVA) in decreasing the use of sedation.

  • NGC:008677

Best evidence statement (BESt). Craniosacral therapy for children with autism and/or sensory processing disorder.

  • NGC:008676

Best evidence statement (BESt). Hip strengthening and tibial stress fracture among adolescent runners.

  • NGC:008675

Best evidence statement (BESt). Patient/family satisfaction and safety of self-infusion of subcutaneous gamma-globulin.

  • NGC:008679

Best evidence statement (BESt). Recruitment maneuvers compared to chest physiotherapy for the mechanically ventilated patient.

  • NGC:008678

Best evidence statement (BESt). Use of a clinical pathway in decreasing albuterol frequency in all patients up to 18 years of age admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of asthma or reactive airway disease.

  • NGC:008674

Evidence-based care guideline for management of first time episode bronchiolitis in infants less than 1 year of age. This updates a previously published guideline summary.

Medical Services Commission, British Columbia Get Alerts

  • NGC:008666

Osteoporosis: diagnosis, treatment, and fracture prevention.

National Society of Genetic Counselors Get Alerts

  • NGC:008687

Practice guidelines for communicating a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome: recommendations of the National Society of Genetic Counselors.

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